About me



Since high school, I am in constant pursuit of perfect light, great angles, captivating faces and extraordinary places that I would like to capture. After I’ve graduated from „Craft school for personal services“ in Zagreb, where my major was photography, I’ve started working for the largest media corporation in Croatia, „NCL Media Group“. It was there where I’ve gathered experience in all fields of photography – from portraits to social events, fashion shows, and sports manifestations. Being a professional photographer led me in many different directions, and one of the biggest experiences for my personal and professional growth was the opportunity to work for Rolling Stone magazine branch in Croatia as Photo Editor. Every situation that I have been in has given me space to learn something new about photography, people and how to put out the best of what I have to offer to my clients.

Right now I am pursuing the career of a Freelance Photographer and the past 12 years of experience that I carry along with my camera have been the biggest allies in my profession. My work has been published in various Croatian magazines and websites with whom I cooperate on a regular basis. My mission in life is to provide my clients with amazing images that they can always look upon with a smile on their faces.



Traveling gives my life a meaning.

Yoga is my favorite activity. It keeps me enlightened, positive and focused. But, I also love to lift weights. 😀

One day I want to become a minimalist and live with the least amount of things.

Sugar is really not my thing. Yes, I could easily picture life without chocolate.

When you see me standing first in the line at the movie theatre, that means that the new Woody Allen movie is out.

People find this to be strange, but I am such a pluviophile and will find joy and peace of mind during cold and rainy days.

The perfect living location for me would probably be split between NYC and Amsterdam.

The one superpower that I’d like to have would be time traveling.

If I had to choose my favorite cuisine, it would be a tough call between Chinese, Mexican and Italian.

I’m a big coffee lover and feel at home in a cozy coffee shop.

My journey as a photojournalist started when I was 17 years old.

In my free time, I’m enjoying reading and listen to personal development podcasts, videos, and books.

My favorite band is Lord Huron (if you go and listen to them, you will know why).

I was born and rise in Velika Gorica but Zagreb is a place that I call home.