Ivana & Neven


I woke up hearing the heavy rain that morning. Capturing a wedding on a day like that can sometimes be quite of a challenge, but since fortune favours the bold, Ivana and Neven had their lucky day. The beautiful bride had her signature smile all day long, and no rain could have prevented that. For a couple living outside of Croatia, it was a truly memorable thing to celebrate the unity of their love in the city they were born in. Good vibrations and melodic laughter were the highlight of that day, I remember even my cheeks were aching in one moment. The rain had brought a warm and cosy atmosphere on the 17th floor of hotel Westin, where this Croatian-German mix continued to celebrate love until even the rain decided to go to sleep.

Dress: Envy Room
Venue: Hotel Westin
Make up: Andrea Leko
Flowers: Cvijetna galerija LR